गिद्ध और लोमड़ी

गिद्ध, भेड़िए और लोमड़ीसब बैठें हैं, ताक मेंकौन पहले हाथ मरेगालाशों के अंबार में।कौन बचाए मुर्दों कोभूखों का खाना बनने से,लोमड़ी जैसी आखों से,जंगली चोचों और पंजो से। थोड़े बचे हुए,झांक रहे दरारों सेलूटी उम्मीद, बुझे चेहरेचीख रहे अंधियारों से। गिद्ध, भेड़िए और लोमड़ीसब बैठें हैं ताक में, फटने लगा आसमानपैने दांतों वाले ठहाकों से,आए … Continue reading गिद्ध और लोमड़ी

Litle life

This is Shafi Ulla, a knife sharpener vendor on bicycle. He is kind and jolly. He is 55 years old and working as knife sharpener from past 30 years. His origin is Andhra Pradesh, India. But he came Bangalore after his marriage in year 1988. He has 3 daughters and 2 sons all are in … Continue reading Litle life


Short Story on love and trust


How can one make statue of sand with the help of hammer and chisel. Life is like that only.



When you blame your friends and family; you probably don't think about how you would have behaved if you were there. If you think about this simple social behaviorism , you may not blame anyone for anything. Because deep down we all are same. </p><p>