Neera and I were running towards the train. After a little hassle, we both got the train. Unfortunately, we missed our coach and got into ladies coach. The compartment was packed and there was no room even we couldn’t stand properly. Neera started a search for space us, in few minutes, she found space on upper berth. We sat on the upper berth.
The view was not very good down there. Ladies were arguing like cats and fighting for a berth. Babies were crying because they were suffocated and hungry. Neera gave me her strangest look ever, which I couldn’t figure out, then she had to poke me. I saw a middle-aged woman, sitting on the floor and looking outside the window… perhaps waiting for someone. “Is she mentally challenged,” I asked. Neera nodded and pointed to her stomach. “Who did that to her” she added. I wasn’t in the condition of think or speak. I was entirely blank. We were not ready to accept that it may be an after effect of a positive and right relation. Neera was constantly radiating her saddest and confused emotions.
Neera- Even for a normal person getting love is hard. what happened to her?
Me – Don’t, maybe she is married?
Neera- I don’t think so. You know men… right? They need everything in a girl to marry, look at her. why would someone marry her?
(She wasn’t pretty, dark complexion, dry and damaged hair, tiny nose, cracked lips, small baggy eyes with dark circles.) We are performing our part of “Human” which is ‘full of doubt’ in all condition. This makes us, very much Human, suspecting every time. My mind was blocked.

“Don’t hit her she screamed almost, she’s pregnant” with that voice I came back to my senses. A fellow lady offered that woman water and something to eat, Now I started thinking what happen to her, some immensely cruel and inhuman stories were floating in my mind, I couldn’t shut those down. Few other passengers were staring her, like me and thinking maybe the same, like me. The lady pushed 3-4 bags under the berth and made some space for the woman near the window seat. The woman was unaware of all, she was enjoying the outside view.

After two hours we arrived at next station. Suddenly a short, dark and middle-aged man came at the window. He was gasping heavily. He smiled at woman softly, waived his hand and asked Is she all right? The lady who was taking care, since the train started, reassured him. The train started again, and he moved to adjacent coach. Lady confirmed him as the woman’s husband. Because men are not allowed in the ladies coach, so he was sitting in the general coach. Neera was astonished by the sweet information and this time doubt was replaced with rosemary’s fragrance and sensing the great essence of love.

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